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Bringing your nervous system back to it's full potential by using gentle, low-force neurological care. 


Our practice is built on referrals from satisfied patients.


The team at Auburn Chiropractic Centre has over 60 years experience in chiropractic and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Using the gentle, non forceful Neurological Integration System (NIS), we are dedicated to doing everything we can to make each and every client function better.

NIS (previously known as Neurolink) is different from regular chiropractic/ kinesiology treatments in that we attempt to understand why your brain has allowed your body to deviate from normal and get into trouble.

The NIS system enables us to:

  • find the basic underlying cause of your complaint
  • treat it
  • give you effective, long term relief.  


As family practitioners, we believe that everyone is an individual who deserves specific care.


How does NIS work?

  • The brain and nervous system control the entire function of your body
  • If your body is not functioning at 100% it might be because of a disruption within the brain's control of your nervous sustem
  • Any symptoms that you suffer are an indicator that your nervous system has become overloaded and is unable to maintain normal control.
  • We locate and correct the interference to your nervous system, which allows for the relief of symptoms.


Our goal is to have your body functioning as best as it possibly can.


We believe that the body is designed to heal itself and has the ability to do so. When symptoms persist because the body fails to cope with a particular stress or interference, the NIS system may be able to locate and correct the cause of the problem.


What happens at a NIS assessment?

  • During the initial consultation, we use specific checks to find out if the brain is controlling all of the systems in your body properly.
  • If we identify systems that are not being controlled properly, corrections are made based on what you specifically need.

NIS is a safe mode of practice.


The Auburn Chiropractic Centre is conveniently located opposite Auburn station in Hawthorn, Melbourne. Free parking is available in the first 3 car spots at the entrance of the clinic.


Please Contact Us to find our if we can help you and your family, read more About Us or review our frequently asked questions.


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